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* SOME RANDOM QUiZ * [12 Jan 2005|11:30pm]

[ mood | amused ]

* Basics *

Name: Angie Stone
Age: 14
B-day: August 5th 1990
Where you live: Archbald, Pennsylvania

* Personal *

Boyfriend: Adam <33
Girlfriend: If I have a boyfriend, then why would I want a girlfriend ?
Longest relationship: 6 months
Would you do anything other than kiss with your b/f: HELLO CAPTAiN OBViOUS
Would you do anything other than kiss with your g/f: all I can say is ... EW
Last person you kissed: Adam
Your most memorable kiss: Adam, duuh
The person you like kissing the most: Adam, haha !!
Why ? : because I love him !!
Who runs through your mind the most: Adam, my mom, and Kori, I couldn't name just one
Who do you miss the most: My brother, I admit I love him and wish he was back home
Why? He is my brother, and I miss all of the old times :/
Who is your best friend: KORi LEiGH VENOSH !!!

* Other facts *

Favorite song: Stole - Kelly Rowland
A song you listen to that reminds you of someone: Angie, my song it reminds me of my rents
Do you like cuddling: TOTALLY !!
If so, with who: who else but ADAM <333
Whats your favorite movie: Thirteen
Song your listening to right now: Only U by Ashanti
Who are you thinking about right now: My dad :/
Last person you hugged: My mom, I love her :D
Last person you talked to on the phone: My grandmother
What do you like the most about your b/f: don`t have one
What do you like the most about your g/f: EVERYTHiNG

* Love and more *

Who do you trust the most:Kori, even tho she doesn't keep secrets .. but yet I still trust her
Who respects you and gives you all of them: Kori, and my mom ..
If you had to die with someone, who would it be: My mom, I can't live without her.
Are you in love with someone: Yeah
If so, who? ADAM SWEDER
What you expect of someone when you hook up: RESPECT
What turns you on: Eyes, lips, and sense of humor
Who turns you on: ADAM !! <33
What do they do to turn you on: He kisses my neck : )>

*Other questions*

Whos your somebody that would stand by you: Kori Venosh
Whats your most favorite memory: Getting stuck at the mall with my sister, her friend, and Kori
What did you do new years eve: Adam's house, his brother's house, movies, then his house again.
Do you have any siblings: MANY !!!
Who: 2 whole brothers, Matt and John, and 2 half sisters, Krystine, and Kiannah
Do you drink: nooopee
What happens with you drink: If I don't drink, then nothing happens obviously
Do you get jealous: Yeah
If so, of who and why: Girls who talk to Adam, because I'm a selfish bitch
Who do you hate the most: Holly Roman, and many others
Why: Backstabbing jealous bitches !!
Do eyes attract you to someone: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY
What color eyes do you have: Blue
Are you preppy: I don't think so ?
Are you ghetto: My house is, does that count ??
Favorite song: this is the second time you asked me that.

read and comment your answers !!

<33 aDam <33


* HEY AGAiN * [10 Jan 2005|06:51pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

whoooa i havent updated in f0rever !! .. i never had ro0m in my pr0file f0r my j0urnal s0 i jus st0pped updating .. s0rry !! .. heh i figured i'd update again since im n0t d0ing anything .. 'nd im waiting f0r adam t0 call !! .. yeah a l0t has happened but im n0t g0ing t0 write it all cause that will take f0rever .. 'nd n0 0ne will read it .. lol .. but s0me changes have happened so0 y0u w0nt be seeing anym0re ceena pr0files .. hehe .. wh0 cares .. anywh0 .. everyone hates meee .. i swear its like that 0ne time 0f year where every0ne hates angie .. its like .. hate angie m0nth ... LOL! ill get 0ver it th0 .. to0 bad .. ill get 0ver it .. lol .. well i guess im g0nna g0 n0w .. maybe ill start updating a l0t .. so0 see ya t0m0rr0w maybe !!

<3 aDam i lo0ove y0u <3


[17 Dec 2004|07:10pm]


(another request <3)Collapse )

1 : request?

[17 Dec 2004|07:09pm]

((another request, sry <3))

[10 Dec 2004|04:33pm]

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